Thursday, September 30, 2010


 Making do with what you have...starting with MY STUDIO.
And on to what it became

 My studio was such a mess after all the wedding plans, I couldn't even concentrate let alone get inspired!
Working was impossable for me.

 So last week I decided, that's enough, and opened a can of worms (large can)
I pulled everthing out into our living space.

 I decided I was gonna switch my studio to our guest room and our guest room to the studio. So it began...
For one full week our apartment looked like we had just moved in / or were planning to move out. Either way it was a disaster to say the least!

 Day by day, the back studio was starting to look a little cleaner

Working on a budget... I started by putting a "faux" bead board backing under the window, for what would soon be the headboard in our "new" guest room.

 followed by some black and white graphic curtains and a double bed.

 with a few added touches, a lamp, some bedding a graphic print on the wall and paper lanterns

 the room came together quite nicely!

  friends and family...it's time for a visit!!

 Now on to what will soon be my NEW studio

 the organizing started with "the wine"

 and continued....we have a lot of wine.

 finally a place to call home
(this is our drinkable wine, I have moved our other wine rack to the cold room in the basement for proper storage with the wines we will cellar for awhile)

 Now, time for some colour in this space

 being a studio I find I need something that gives off a lot of energy

 I thought this cute polk-a-dot paper would work perfect!!!

 If your a renter and need something temporary and inexpensive. I highly suggest finding cute drawer liners. They come in many different prints and patterns and are sold for the low price of $9.95 a roll. This wall took 1 1/2 rolls so only cost about $15.00.  And the best part about it is that you can remove the liner off the walls without damaging the wall.

This makeover took over my life for one whole week, but in the end it was so worth every minute!
I love my new space and am happy with what I was able to do with what I already had!!!


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Your make-overs look fantastic. What alot of work but the results were worth it. Fantastic Job....

Jess said...

Whew, that's some makeover - well done!

magpie said...

WOW! that guest room is great and your studio- i'm drooling with envy. i swear that the reason i am inconsistent is that i have to drg everything out of closets before i can even sit down and get started. i feel like it's a two day process. so, kudos to you- it looks like a very creative space- no wonder :)

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